What’s the cost?

Please complete our enquiry form and we’ll get a full quotation to you and let you know availability.

I’m ugly how will you get a good photo of me?

There’s no such thing as ugly. Even Mike is beautiful (in his own way) – we guarantee you’ll love your photo!

How do I know you won’t let me down?

Because we’re a team of professionals and Clare, our client support champion would never let that happen!

Can I just get the RAW files?

No. RAW files are like books in draft format. We want every client to be delighted with every shot, so you never see the blurred shots – just the awesome ones. No photographer worth their salt would ever just hand over the RAW files.

Will you look like bored tramps and drink our bar dry like the last photographer we worked with?

No. we’re not like that. Read more about how we work here

Any other Questions?

If you have any other questions, please just ask.